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Love Your Practice

Apr 20, 2021

Thanks to human biology, people become judge-y from time to time, and that’s okay because human brains just work that way. However, there is another path - a much more positive one - that can be taken along life’s journey! In this episode, host Dr. Laura Mach acknowledges that looking for problems can be a survival technique, but living life in a negative mindset does not let you enjoy yourself or your practice. As Laura says, no judgemental sentences you tell yourself “are going to put you in a proactive state where you are feeling motivated to make changes.” 


During this introspective episode, Dr. Mach moves listeners from acknowledging judgemental behavior to a state of looking at life through a lens of curiosity so that improvements can be made. By asking helpful questions instead of saying how things “should” be, you will learn how you can see options for improving any situation that you are questioning. Changing how you look at things heightens your creativity, allowing you to better develop new solutions to what you would like to see happening differently. 


Ready to get your confidence back? Your feelings come from what you are thinking - not from the actions of others! So it’s imperative that you think thoughts that boost your confidence. For example, being in a state of judgement of others makes you suffer: you feel angry because of what you’re thinking. However, if you look at a situation simply from the point of view of what makes you content, you can eliminate your anger! YOU are in control of your feelings! Get your control and your confidence back… listen to this episode now!


Highlights from this episode:

  • Understanding self-judgement 
  • How everyone loses in the comparison game
  • Nothing good comes from the state of being judgemental
  • Problems with jumping to conclusions and viewing life through a negative lens
  • Letting your mind acknowledge negative things but move to a helpful place
  • Rephrasing your view of situations from negative statements to curious thoughts, sparking creativity
  • Understanding the concept of emotional adulthood
  • Boosting your confidence through how you think about elements of your life


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~ Laura