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Love Your Practice

Jan 19, 2022

Hi Friends! I have an unusual episode for you! I missed a week on the release of my podcast because I had an elective surgery that created some subsequent complications. This episode looks at what was going through my mind as I was going through my recovery… And then I take this golden opportunity to look at my mistakes of listening to my brain’s efforts to eliminate tasks from my life and turn those mistakes into learning opportunities FOR YOU as I reflect and “coach” myself through the recovery process.

It was so interesting that the first thing my brain did was go through all of my “shoulds.” For example, I knew I was supposed to be back at work and caring for patients, but I had to realize that I just could not do that work. My brain made me highly aware of the fact that I was off track with my professional commitments for the week and continually went through the master list of tasks that I should be doing but was not completing. It was fascinating to actually witness how my brain reacted to the situation I was in. It didn’t want me to relax and take care of myself. It wanted me to feel like I was failing! My brain was taking what was uncomfortable to me and trying to efficiently eliminate those tasks from my life. In this episode, I share with you how to get away from the “shoulds” that are statements that remove our joy and replace them with curiosity about doing things differently. Listen to this episode to learn how to redirect your brain while it is trying to do its job of protecting you!

Highlights from this episode:

  • How to access the new, free course on redirecting your employees
  • Information about the new, free upcoming webinar about moving from fear to confidence in your practice
  • The steps my brain went through during recovery
  • How quickly the brain perceives failure and reacts to it
  • A look back at coaching through how my brain was reacting during my recovery process
  • The importance of changing the brain’s narrative

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~ Laura