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Love Your Practice

Mar 9, 2021

Today’s interview can enrich your life and make you a more successful leader. In fact, it’s a conversation about conversations! With about twenty years of experience in the dental industry, Robyn Ramirez is a dental consultant and is a Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach… so she understands the neuroscience behind conversations. Based on her experience as a business development coach focusing on helping dentists grow their dental practices, she recognizes that increasing financial numbers in a practice does not necessarily make people feel better. She realizes how important experiencing true happiness from work is, and there is a path to get to that point. One critical component is the art of conducting successful conversations.

Conversations cause people to release hormones. An actual physical change happens. This process changes your perception of reality, and that can carry over into future conversations and affect your whole day. And often conversations are not understood properly. In fact, Robyn points out that a study found, “Nine out of ten conversations missed the mark, meaning that the intent doesn’t equal the impact.” So the information is not being expressed well. In fact, if you want to grow your business, successful conversations are critical. This episode will emphasize the importance of good conversations and how impactful they can be to your practice’s bottom line. If you think most messages you try to get across are “common sense,” then this episode will be effective in helping you see your side of the conversation through a different lens! Learn how to start and conduct conversations more effectively, avoid the pitfalls of your interactions with others, and establish trust within your conversations with Robyn’s eye-opening insight… listen now!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Conversations are often not understood between the participants
  • Tips for more effective conversations
  • Facing and overcoming the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • The #1 conversational blindspot that so many people don’t recognize
  • Examining the physical changes that are caused by conversations
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of conversations
  • What the conversational dashboard is and elements you can implement 
  • The importance of positivity

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