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Love Your Practice

Dec 22, 2021

Are you ready to be kind to yourself and your team members? It’s time to focus on synergy within our lives! In this episode, I welcome Dr. Karen Tindall who is originally from Yorkshire, England. There she was a family dentist prior to entering orthodontics. She and her family moved to the United States when her husband had a job opportunity here. After some time as a stay-at-home mother, she became an internationally accredited professional life coach for female dentists who are juggling their busy careers as well as family life at home. 

Noting the outdated nature of “work-life balance,” Dr. Tindall explains why she created a new concept of looking at juggling life at work and life at home. Her new concept is called the work-life synergy approach. She says, “It’s impossible to separate your life from your work and vice versa… It encourages you to blend those various parts of your life together so they work as a whole… It’s much easier to create something that makes you feel good.” This episode focuses on wellness: both your own wellness as well as the wellness of your team. This may mean handing some tasks off to others to manage or finding creative solutions by opening your thinking to how you can manage to accomplish tasks. It is critical that we spread the message of focusing on wellness within dental practice teams, and that starts with YOU - the owner. There is great value in focusing on the ROI of investing in yourself before anything else, and this episode will show you some ways to create work-life synergy!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Work-life synergy: what it is and how to view it
  • The blending of work life and home life
  • Equilibrium’s sliding scale and how it can let you be kinder to yourself
  • The mental load concept of owning a dental practice
  • How to reduce or remove the mental load by sharing tasks 
  • The Mint Door as a space for open conversation: its elements and how you can join
  • Bringing wellness to the forefront of dental practices

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Laura’s free course:  Redirecting Your Employees

Fair Play by Eve Rodsky

The Mint Door website

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