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Love Your Practice

Aug 25, 2021

It is a privilege to welcome back to the show for a second time, Dr. Bethany Piziks! Bethany is an amazing dentist who loves taking care of patients and is dedicated to reducing dental anxiety by relaxing patients in a natural way. The product, NuCalm, she is involved with creates amazing calming states without the use of drugs, and she focuses directly on its use within the practice of dentistry. This product’s meditative and restorative properties are perfect for both practitioners as well as patients. If the patient is relaxed, it is much better for us as doctors because when patients are stressed, we absorb that anxiety, negatively affecting our physiology. 

Are you ready to turn off the stress? Bethany explains how NuCalm balances the nervous system by shutting down the stress response in someone’s system. Headphones are also employed to pace the brain into a different frequency, slowing the brainwaves to a state of deep meditation. The neuroscience involved in this took 20 years to invent this product! This fascinating episode goes into great detail about the amazing benefits and success the dental community sees with NuCalm. Are you ready to spoil your patients with an amazing product that will allow you to practice better and safer dentistry to patients who are in a much more relaxed state? Listen to this episode to hear Bethany’s experience with and passion for this product, the science that exists to help you care for your patients on another level, and how you can get additional information on changing the future of dentistry.

Highlights from this episode:

  • The joy of taking care of patients
  • Details about Nucalm’s benefits 
  • The components of Nucalm that work together to create calm
  • Amazing experiences with Nucalm
  • What it is like coming out of a Nucalm session
  • The wonderful ratings for Nucalm within the dental profession

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