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Love Your Practice

Jul 14, 2021

Are you a busy dentist who works hard at keeping others happy all day? And have you possibly put some of your extra “emotional baggage” into extra physical weight on yourself? Dr. Natanya Brown has experienced this situation and now focuses on mindfulness and taking care of one’s self by first taking care of one’s mind. She is an endodontist and a weight loss coach for dentists, and she is excited to share the key pieces you can focus on to retrain your brain and finally nurture what is going on in your life. 


If you’ve ever been on a diet plan, you know that they can be very action-based and focus on eating certain foods, avoiding specific foods, exercising, and more. However, it is essential to look at your thoughts so you can create an action plan that can become a regular part of your life. Dr. Natanya will walk you through overhauling your thoughts and feelings about the actions you want to take… This will help you have the motivation to create habits you can carry with you each day and throughout your life to bring you peace and create a better life for yourself. She explains the thought processes to integrate into your mind as a customized way to manage your life in a new way. Learn to pause, slow down, recognize your urges and take the time to examine what you’re thinking in a given moment before you act. Dr. Natanya will help you prioritize yourself and your wellness beginning today by reinventing yourself through a new way of thinking! Listen to this episode and discover the great question you can ask yourself to help you reach your goals!


Highlights from this episode:

  • Focusing on thoughts that create positive motivation within you 
  • Creating sustainable habits
  • Honing in on your feelings and learning things about yourself from your positive and negative feelings
  • Examining inner dialogue that we don’t always listen to
  • Realizing that your urges are not actually essential to your survival
  • The three options for dealing with urges
  • The predictability of human brains and retraining your brain into a new way of thinking
  • Next steps for improving your health beginning now


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