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Love Your Practice

Dec 8, 2021

How are you doing at this point in 2021? It has been a roller coaster of a year, especially when we, as practice owners, look at our staffing issues. We’ve all experienced ups and downs as we’ve dealt with staffing turnover, but what about changes you’ve wanted to make to your practice? Have you wanted to implement new training, software, or equipment only to have those suggestions met with negative reactions? It is very normal to be uncomfortable with change, and we have to recognize that our employees’ brains react the same way as ours do! 

Our brains are wired to like and appreciate the status quo; we like systems and order. So, when we plan to make and implement changes, our brains try to protect us. The desire for the changes we want to make has to be greater than the objections our brain will register. We have to recognize our need to move forward by making the changes we want to make. And our employees’ brains are just like ours; they want to protect them. So, we have to understand that these defensive reactions will be normal. In this episode, I share with you a valuable system to overcome this natural tendency for your employees to hold out against change. From understanding that your employees’ feelings matter to allowing them to ask questions, listen to this episode to understand all the steps to overcoming your employees’ resistance to change and increasing their trust so you can successfully implement changes to YOUR practice!

Highlights from this episode:

  • The importance of expressing gratitude
  • Our brain’s instinctive behavior
  • What the speed bump of change is and how to overcome it
  • Looking at how your employees’ brains react to changes we want to implement
  • System to overcome your employees’ resistance to change
  • Why your employees’ feelings matter

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~ Laura