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Love Your Practice

Nov 1, 2023

When you went through dental school, did you have much training in endodontics? If you’re like most of us, you probably didn’t, and my guest today is on a mission to change that! Sonia Chopra, DDS became a board-certified endodontist as a result of her own personal dental experience and healing process. She is a TEDx speaker, Forbes contributor, and founder of Ballantyne Endodontics in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this episode, Dr. Chopra shares details of her path to endodontics and passion to improve endodontic education within dentistry.

Her mission of “helping dentists fully understand and fully embody and embrace endo as a critical part of dentistry and building their practice” is how her award-winning business, E-School: Everyday Endo Made Easy, was founded. This Online Endodontic Continuing Education for Dentists is revolutionizing continuing education through simple, tangible lessons so dentists can properly diagnose patients.

We need to offer the best care to patients, and there are many hidden ROIs on learning endodontic care. Dr. Chopra’s education program offers three primary iterations: an 8-10 week program with coaching calls, independent study, and E-school Live that incorporates in-person training for doctors to work under Dr. Chopra’s supervision on patients who receive their necessary treatments at extremely discounted prices.

As dental practice owners we carry an emotional burden. We absorb much of our patients’ energy through the contagious nature of human emotions. So, Dr. Chopra also offers a coaching program for current endodontists and general dentists to help us free up time so we can take better care of ourselves as well as our patients. It is time to change our culture so we can offer our best care to our patients! Listen to this episode now to hear about increasing your knowledge, improving your practice, and valuable information if you are considering selling your practice!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Looking at the culture within academics regarding endodontics
  • Exploring the hesitancy to offer endodontic care in dental practices
  • Why learning endodontics is essential for a dental practice
  • Diagnosis: How critical it is to get your patients to the proper specialists 
  • The benefits of learning within a community
  • How different your life as a practice owner can be with some key changes
  • The difficulties, realities, and challenges facing dentists who sell to DSOs

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