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Love Your Practice

Jan 13, 2021

Do you ever have doubts about something you’re doing? Maybe you’re branching out into a new area… but then something happens that creates an emotional roller coaster for you. If you feel like you are weighed down and just want to hide, don’t give up! 

Know that you are not alone. Dr. Laura has had those same feelings, and in this episode, she shares the reasons why we have emotions, where they start, and how we can control our feelings. Identifying and evaluating the thoughts we have that create our feelings can help us get to the root of how we are feeling so we can then eliminate the thoughts that do not serve a positive purpose in our lives.

Everyone has their own unique qualities that need to be developed and shared. So, keep reaching to achieve your goals!

This episode will teach you the steps to set your brain so you consciously decide the new thoughts that help you feel invigorated to work toward your dreams. Dr. Laura is here for you and ready to help you move forward… listen now!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Biological reasons for why we have emotions
  • Understanding where feelings start
  • Recognizing the pictures in our brains
  • A critical element to being a happy person
  • How our thoughts are generated
  • Getting rid of thoughts that do not serve us
  • Being aware of our feelings so we consciously decide the new thoughts we want to have
  • The steps to choose our thoughts

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~ Laura