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Love Your Practice

Jul 20, 2022

Today’s episode is a follow-up to one I recorded two years ago.  While the bulk of the episode is a replay, I explain how what transpired in that episode is finally coming to an end.

Have you ever had a decision to make but you just put it off and off for quite some time? And you just can’t make a decision? This “Decision Fatigue” can be exhausting. This episode will help show you the way to fight through this, make a decision and move forward without regrets!

We’ve all been there. We have a major decision to make, but all of the options run through our brains and grip us so tightly that we don’t move on. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the facts surrounding the decision you have to make so you can objectively decide the best and worst scenarios of your situation. In this episode, Laura provides you with methods to analyze decisions you need to make and offers a wonderful mantra to guide you through the process so you can feel confident in the path you select. Are you ready to lower your stress regarding making decisions? Listen to this episode to learn ways to embrace the choices you make and skip the regrets!

Highlights from this episode:

  • What “Decision Fatigue” is
  • Reasons to make a decision and move forward
  • Steps to analyze the scenarios of your choices
  • The key to making your decision a good one
  • Avoiding being mad at yourself 
  • Redefining making “mistakes”

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~ Laura