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Love Your Practice

Apr 8, 2020

I am thrilled that we are able to welcome Dr. Shakila Angadi to this episode today. She is a general dentist and a Social and Emotional Intelligence coach. She focuses on emotional processing, awareness and learning how to use our emotions as information. This is so vital to our current world situation right now!

People are worried and fearful of the unknowns of the pandemic we are all experiencing. Fears can lead to reactive behaviors that do not make sense because people are in survival mode and filled with panic. We need to recognize these emotions, listen to them and process these big emotions. And we need to realize that there are no right or wrong ways to process these emotions. When it comes to these big feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, as Dr. Angadi says, “We don’t get over it, we get through it.” This may be uncomfortable, but it is so important to realize this.

In this episode we explore these emotions we are all experiencing and the fact that we deserve some grace during difficult times. We have to leave our expectations behind right now and just deal with each day as it comes. We can’t keep up with tomorrow, so give yourself some grace! Big expectations are not helpful right now. We need to accept ourselves just the way we are, grant ourselves permission to alter the courses we choose and give ourselves some compassion for the decisions we need to make.

Listen to this episode for some ideas on how to process the emotions we are all experiencing and ways to recognize the special opportunities hidden within the chaos of our current reality. 

Highlights from this episode:

  • Promise yourself that your future self will not look back and criticize decisions made now
  • If you get new information, give yourself the grace to make a new decision
  • What realistic optimism is and how it can be applied in your life
  • The idea of giving yourself an intention before changing your attention or direction
  • It is okay to give yourself some acceptance of change
  • Practicing mindfulness as prevention helps you handle difficult times when they arise
  • Don’t make permanent decisions on temporary emotions - only handle what you have to handle and leave the rest for later

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Connect with Dr. Shakila Angad on social media @shakilaangadi

Dr. Shakila Angadi, DDS, S+EIQ Certified Coach

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~ Laura