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Love Your Practice

Mar 8, 2023

We’re saving the world one dentist at a time! Having success in our business depends not only on revenue but on happiness as well. This week I am pleased to welcome dental practice coach Dr. Rich Madow to the podcast. In this episode, we discuss how the positive feelings we can cultivate in our practices flow through an office and spread to communities and also ultimately to the bottom line in our practices.

When we feel happy and our lives feel aligned, this is when the magic can happen in our businesses. As Dr. Madow says, “When you’re a doctor, you’re a leader,” and this means you have people who look up to you. The importance of our relationships with our teams (who are our work family) as we work together is essential to providing excellent treatment for our patients. This episode will provide you with great ways to lead to create a work environment that is a very pleasant place to work, open lines of communication between team members, create happy team members, and improve how your business operates. Listen now to hear how happiness can flow from us as the dentists through our offices, our teams, and ultimately to our patients. This happiness then flows into all of their families as happiness and good dental health spread in our communities. Spread happiness around you today!

Highlights from this episode:

  • The negative happiness equation and how it impacts our work
  • What the golden handcuffs are 
  • The heaviness of debt and its effects on how we treat our patients
  • Steps to eliminate the negative happiness equation and improve our relationships with our team members
  • How vital huddling with your team is
  • Passing the seating chart rule
  • How having good systems in place prevents problems between team members
  • Respect, team appreciation, and knowing that how we feel dictates how we act

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