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Love Your Practice

Jun 22, 2022

Fear. This is a powerful emotion! Do you sometimes find yourself fearful of taking certain steps - steps you know are necessary - in the management of your dental practice? Fear can prevent anyone from doing things, but this episode will help you to feel empowerment instead of fear! 

Employees are leaving dental practices, patients are looking for appointments, the employees who are left behind could also leave if they are pushed the wrong way… There are so many sources of stress in the management of a dental practice! Are you fearful of correcting your employees because if you do, they may leave? If so, you are not alone. This is a common situation happening right now. However, there is a new way for you to look at these and other circumstances that are causing you to not be the leader you want to be! Listen to this episode now for some exciting new ways to view and address the opportunities facing you and your practice in this moment!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Finding the right ways to deal with employees leaving our practices
  • Looking at change as an opportunity
  • Implementing major changes in a practice… They can be much easier than you think!
  • Steps you can take to stop you from being directed by fear in your leadership

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~ Laura