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Love Your Practice

Apr 29, 2020

If someone takes an action that goes against your thoughts or beliefs, how do you react? Do you lash out or take time to think about how you want to react? This episode explores a system for analyzing any problem or anything good that is happening, and it is a way for you to help yourself create what you want for your life. This system is called “The Model.”

In this podcast I explore the very relevant topic of my child’s gender orientation and demonstrate the method I have used in certain opportunities to be a bridge person and show up with love instead of defensiveness. I also discuss how “The Model” can be used in any situation, including dentistry. It can help you understand yourself, your practice, your team members, your patients and how to intentionally lead your practice.

Highlights from this episode:

  • What “The Model” is and how it can be applied to various situations
  • The method to being a bridge for future change of heart while drawing boundaries
  • How it is possible to feel love even in difficult situations
  • How “The Model” can be applied to dentistry

Resources and links mentioned:

Leading Better Starts with Feeling Better - free course 

The Life Coach School Podcast 

The Life Coach for Busy Dentists - YouTube channel

The Life Coach for Busy Dentists - website

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~ Laura