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Love Your Practice

Jul 29, 2020

We all want less stress in our lives! And this episode can help you get to that point! I have the pleasure of welcoming Grace Rizza, owner of Identity Dental Marketing, to the show. She began her company at a young age; and now, in her business, she is excited for challenges such as COVID-19, as she sees those challenges as what happens before a growth spurt. I love that Grace says, “Mindset is the difference between feeling trapped by your career and feeling empowered by your career.” That is so true. As I like to say, “Discomfort is the price of your dreams.” The uncomfortable place is the path of where you want to go. This ties into Grace’s comment because if you manage your mindset, your business follows. For us as dentists, part of managing our mindset includes looking at the elements of our businesses that cause us stress and getting help in the areas where we need it. Marketing can definitely be one of those key spots. 

In this episode, we discuss how you can get to a point in your practice of seeing how marketing can decrease stress instead of causing stress. When you figure out the marketing mix that works for you and is predictable, a weight is lifted! Listen to our discussion on topics to help you examine your marketing practices and your expectations for your various types of marketing, brand building, target marketing, building the education and demand for services you want to offer, focusing on profitability, and more! We also discuss family life and the importance of being kind to yourself so you can enjoy each stage of your life and of your children’s lives. Don’t miss this episode!

Highlights from this episode:

  • The importance of finding your marketing mix that is predictably producing for your business
  • Ideas on measuring the results of your marketing
  • Brand building - what it is and how you should use it to build the reputation you like
  • Targeting the business you would like to have
  • Focusing on the profitability of your practice
  • Understanding the development lag time between creating marketing campaigns and when they actually produce 
  • Tips for time management with both running a business and managing family life

Resources and links mentioned: 

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~ Laura