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Love Your Practice

Mar 2, 2022

Is there something that another person in your life such as a spouse, friend or parent does that is irritating you?  If so, this episode will be very helpful! This is not supposed to be about nagging someone else if we don’t get our way; rather, this episode goes over the proper way to request a different behavior.

We all have people in our lives who sometimes don’t handle situations in ways that we consider to be acceptable, and so boundaries may need to be established. This episode will clearly lay out the steps to follow to create those boundaries. From how to ask about the topic in question to explaining the consequences if the situation is not properly handled, you’ll hear the 5 steps in this method to very effectively draw a proper boundary. Don’t let your relationship with someone in your life suffer due to lack of communication. Listen to this episode now to hear the simple, clear process you can follow to address what needs to be changed!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Why you should separate the facts of the situation from the story you’re telling yourself
  • Recognizing where your feelings come from
  • The steps to creating a boundary
  • Figuring out the consequences of how the other person handles your request
  • What the MOST important step is in the method to creating a boundary

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~ Laura