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Love Your Practice

Oct 27, 2021

There are many common emotions that we feel as dental practice owners. Do you ever feel frustrated, stressed, fearful or overwhelmed about owning your dental practice? If so, you are NOT alone! These emotions do not serve us well. However, the good news is that there is a biological justification for these emotions, and that once we understand the biology, it's easier to feel something new. This episode will help you understand your emotional reactions to situations so you can ultimately create new, intentional emotions.

First of all, it’s normal and expected to not feel positive, happy thoughts all the time. We are all human, and we have our emotional ups and downs! However, being able to see how an emotion comes from our origins as a human species and from our mental choices gives us the power to create a new emotion… but that takes practice! This episode goes through the process of learning how to feel something new when you are presented with a situation that normally makes you feel an unpleasant emotion. Our brains are wired to protect us and want to be right. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the origins of our emotions so we can use a process to change the emotions we experience. In addition to hearing the informative steps of how to feel the way you want to in a situation, I will also share a couple of examples of how this system works in practical situations. Listen to this podcast now to learn how to move from experiencing a given emotion to actively choosing a new way to look at a situation so you can create the feeling YOU want to feel!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Understanding how emotions are created to create more intentional emotions
  • The normal human ratio of positive to negative emotions 
  • The 6 steps on how to feel something new in a given situation
  • How to learn how to do a thought download and why it is useful
  • A detailed example of how to put this process into practice 

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~ Laura