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Love Your Practice

Jan 26, 2021

If you own your own practice, you know how busy life can be! And, as a practice owner, having a good sense of leadership is essential to creating a positive work environment. But how do you manage to create that good space for you and your employees when there are so many daily commitments to manage? It can be overwhelming!

If you want to learn how to LOVE your practice, Dr. Laura has some ideas for you! First of all, buying a new piece of equipment, taking a CE class or hiring a consultant won’t help you feel better about your practice. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t work. You have to change how you think about your practice to change how you feel about it. And that can involve asking yourself some pertinent questions so you can acknowledge and identify your feelings. Are you ready to make some positive changes in how you direct your feelings and have the practice you’ve been dreaming of? By listening to this podcast right now, Dr. Laura will enlighten you and give you some exciting news about a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into creating the feeling of LOVE for your practice!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Spending money on your practice won’t help you feel good about your practice
  • How to change how you see your practice
  • Spending money can magnify the problem
  • Why understanding where emotions come from can help you reach your goals
  • The steps to examine your thought habits
  • Why it’s necessary to separate out the facts in what you’ve been telling yourself
  • News about an exciting upcoming event!

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Natanya Brown, DMD - Weight Loss for Dentists

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