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Love Your Practice

Jul 15, 2020

The actions made by your employees matter! But did you ever stop to consider just how much you can influence those actions? This episode explores that question and also provides some valuable insight on various ways to handle situations in your office.

A dental business is an accumulation of thousands of actions during a given year. Many of those actions are made by the dentist… but there are also countless actions being taken by employees. And those actions are extensions of you, the dentist. They are actions being made by people who represent YOU. So, yes, those actions matter! The actions need to be consistent to make the business a good one. In this episode I discuss the fact that actions result from emotions, and those emotions originate from thoughts in our minds. This fascinating cycle, when understood, can help you manage your employees. Be sure to listen to this episode to learn how your leadership can ultimately influence their actions! 

Highlights from this episode:

  • How you can influence what your employees think and do through leadership that reflects understanding of the human brain
  • Knowing that words matter
  • The cycle of appreciation - what it is and examples of when it does and does not work 
  • Why sincerity matters so much

Resources and links mentioned: 

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~ Laura