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Love Your Practice

Oct 7, 2020

I’m always working to make the lives of my listeners better! And I’m excited about this episode’s guest, Dr. Josie Dovidio, who has been in dentistry since her part-time job in high school! She has been a dentist for over 23 years and has always been into health and fitness. But over the years, she has become committed to yoga as “It addresses the musculoskeletal issues that dentists and dental professionals face,” she says. We all need to pay attention to self-care on a regular basis so that we don’t find ourselves in a bind in later years!

Dr. Dovidio recently took a sabbatical to focus on caring for herself and reducing stress, and she is now a certified yoga instructor who is in much better health than before. She wants to encourage other dental practitioners to practice yoga and has created “Yoga for Dentists” social media platforms to spread the word of how necessary it is for body maintenance in our profession. If your body is in a state of stress, some workouts can heighten that stress as opposed to calming the nervous system as yoga does when it is done well. She really believes that yoga is needed to counteract what dentistry does to us and is committed to enlightening and encouraging others as to how you can improve your physical condition and your emotional state when you take some time to focus on caring for yourself. Listen to this episode as Dr. Dovidio shares her passion and simple steps for busy people like you to learn ways to begin your journey, get on a confident path to relieve your stress, improve your physical condition and work healthy sources of information into your daily life. This valuable content is so beneficial to our community; listen now for ways to release your stress and better your days! 

Highlights from this episode:

  • The importance of not ignoring signs that your body gives you regarding your physical and mental health
  • Reaching a critical point: choosing your business or your health
  • Yoga’s benefits to your nervous system, when done in its true tradition
  • Getting into “rest and digest” mode
  • The benefits of taking time off to both you and your business 
  • What “positive mental nutrition” is and how you can include it in your daily life
  • The need to build each other up and make changes about what you let into your mind

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