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Love Your Practice

Mar 24, 2021

Why are you a dentist? What do you WANT to do in your practice? Consider the fact that YOUR practice belongs to YOU! How you run your practice is up to YOU. You do not have to be a pawn in the game that belongs to the big insurance companies anymore. Today’s guest is Dr. Nicole Vane, and she shares her story of how she has forged ahead in her practice to create a new way of managing her practice so she is the person in charge. Her experience will help open your eyes so you can look at yourself and your practice in a new way.

We can get dentistry back to where we want it to be… but we have to work TOGETHER! Have you been churning out the work in a fast-paced, high-producing practice that is heavy in PPO billing? If so, there are other business models you can incorporate to boost your profits without running yourself into the ground. You can break the cycle of a business model that does not serve you anymore. 

Say “Yes” to yourself and to your practice by saying “No” to being controlled by the insurance companies that set the rules for how you bill and the fraction of payment that you receive for your quality work. This is the time to make a change. Believe in yourself and your ability to break the mold of how you’ve been managing your practice. You can get back to focusing on the care of your patients: treating your patients with attention and providing the best services for them, not spending all of your time and energy dealing and negotiating with insurance companies.

Covering topics such as stepping outside your comfort zone, changing how you think about your practice, framing how you look at your work, aligning the culture in your practice, leading your employees appropriately, and building value and trust with your clients, this episode will open your eyes so you can look at your practice more objectively and focus on your patients… while increasing the ROI of your procedures. Listen to this episode to learn how you can continue to do your best work but also change your mindset to recognize that YOUR work is valued!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Shifting dentistry to fee-for-service
  • How thoughts become beliefs and influence how you run your practice
  • Skewing diagnoses based on what the insurance companies dictate
  • Escaping the trapped feeling of catering to the insurance companies
  • Comparing courage versus comfort
  • Breaking through the money scarcity mindset
  • Realigning the culture in your practice to change the mindset to work within a new management framework
  • Becoming the leader you need to be
  • Learning to question your objectives and goals
  • Recognizing the trust your patients place in you and value building with clients
  • Looking at production and collection totals and lower costs within the new business model


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