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Love Your Practice

Nov 24, 2021

Sleep… we know we need it, we know how important it is… but are we prioritizing it in our lives? Lacking sleep from sleep-related breathing disorders can have far-reaching detrimental effects in our lives. My guest in this episode is Dr. Mona Patel, a private practice owner for nearly 30 years who now teaches teams how to implement Dental Sleep Medicine into their practices. 

Making changes in our practices is often met with fear and resistance. This is a natural response in our biologies. However, it is possible to proceed through this fear to get your practice to the point where you want it to be! Dr. Patel shares her story of overcoming fear and rejection by putting her patients’ health concerns ahead of her fears about making changes within her practice. And sleep issues are serious concerns for patients. From educating your staff to adding new questions to your screening questionnaires for patients, this episode will walk you through ideas to integrate Dental Sleep Medicine into your everyday care for patients. Listen to this episode now to hear Dr. Patel’s amazing path to creating her “Dental Snoozology” business and how you can customize implementing sleep care into your practice!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Shifting to a new mindset within the dental industry
  • Dr. Patel’s path to selling her practice
  • STOP-BANG questionnaire: what it is and why it is good to use as a screening tool and introduction to patients
  • The importance of integrating Dental Sleep Medicine into dental offices
  • Getting your staff on-board with discussing sleep medicine with patients to save lives
  • Overcoming your fears about implementing change in your practice
  • The process of integrating communication about sleep issues into your everyday conversations with patients
  • Where to find a questionnaire right now to begin sleep conversations with your patients
  • The Kaiser method and how that applies to your practice

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