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Love Your Practice

Aug 3, 2022

Sometimes we give away our power to others! Do you often feel resentful of your employees, your partners, or even your dental practice?? This episode will empower you to know you can feel how you want to feel: independent of what others may do so you can make the decisions that are best for you.

There are four principles that work together to make you feel how you want to feel. This episode will help you examine relationships in your life - including your relationship with your practice - and allow you to see that you’re in charge of your emotions and that you can decide how you are going to view your impactful relationships. I provide practical examples of how you can adapt these four principles to situations you are facing and need to alter to change how you are feeling. You’ll hear the necessity of intentional thinking and getting the actual facts of a situation so that you don’t go down the wrong path. This episode will help you understand that YOU are in control of your own emotions… This is so empowering to figure out and can make an immediate difference in YOUR life! Don’t miss this episode - listen now!

Highlights from this episode:

  • “How do you want to feel in this situation?” is an important question to ask
  • Emotional adulthood - its definition and how freeing it can be to your life
  • Why many people stay in a state of emotional childhood
  • Relationships - a new way to view them
  • Drawing boundaries and the behavioral changes that can come from this
  • Practicing awareness of your emotions and identifying where they come from in our minds
  • The paths our minds follow by default and what that creates in us

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