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Love Your Practice

Feb 23, 2021

My listeners, you deserve to hear this story from my guest, Dr. Sonya Stolze. She shares why she decided to enter dental school, how she began her career working alongside her father, and how she learned about the business side of managing the practice. Everything was rolling along until there was a major crisis in her life and the operation of the practice. This episode is one that every dentist needs to listen to… being prepared for impactful life changes is essential, and this story presents a real-life example of how leadership must continue and evolve during times of crisis. 

When a practice goes through a crisis, it can be very difficult for the entire staff as well as the patients. But it is vital to be able to assess the changes that need to happen, pivot to meet those needs, and learn new systems to implement to manage the practice through the critical period. With delegation and staff training, efficiency comes; and this episode delves into Dr. Stolze’s experiences as she recognized her vulnerability and then navigated her way through staff member training and changing the flow of work within the practice. As you listen to this episode, you will hear how this practice transformed and how staff members developed new skill sets and were able to personalize the work they were doing to provide the services and care needed by the patients. This episode will help you discover the importance of deciding what you can delegate to your team, allowing them to develop into their best selves and your entire practice to be more productful! 

Highlights from this episode:

  • The need to prepare for unexpected changes in a practice
  • How to navigate through changes in the practice when there is much uncertainty
  • Changing how you practice to become more efficient
  • Implementing new systems to adjust the flow of the office during a crisis
  • Acknowledging the need to change the capacity and ability to lead
  • The importance of delegation of duties
  • What “Clear is kind” means and how you can incorporate this mindset into your life and work
  • How important it is to know and communicate the markers of success


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~ Laura

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