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Love Your Practice

Jun 2, 2021

When we own or manage a dental practice, we get ourselves into a position our brains don’t like, as productivity is sometimes challenged and we have to deal with issues as they arise. However, having proper plans in place can help you handle those situations! My guest this week is dental office manager Jodie Pearson. She has 35 years experience in the dental industry and shares many of her insights, from the challenges of learning her own role to coaching employees so they are aware of their responsibilities and ways they can help advance the practice. 


This episode explores some of the tools necessary to set yourself up for success and be confident as a manager. When we get so focused on patient care, we forget about the humans who are helping us with that. But our team is essential to our success. From job descriptions to office policies, it is important to have documentation in writing so that everyone has a clear understanding of expectations. And, it’s important to know that many employees need to be coached along the way. You have experience you can share with them, and there are some really effective methods for coaching. We’ll talk about those in this episode as well as how vital it is to focus on time… development time for your team, time for team meetings and creating team camaraderie, and, very importantly, time to invest in yourself so you can avoid those overwhelmed feelings and be the practice owner or manager you are meant to be. Create the practice you want to work in! If you make the practice the way you want it to be and have a system in place to operate that, you will love being at work! Listen to this episode now!


Highlights from this episode:

  • How and why owning or managing a dental practice can be very isolating
  • Challenges of management
  • “Clear is kind” - what that means and how to implement it
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Importance of having clear, clean job descriptions, office policies and more
  • Ways to coach employees so they have time to learn
  • What to ask employees for so they feel they’re making a difference
  • The critical nature of team meetings and team morale building  
  • Making the commitment to investing in yourself


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