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Love Your Practice

May 4, 2022

It is such a pleasure to welcome back Dr. Ankur Gupta to the podcast for a second time. In this episode, we explore the reality that it is okay to be both a human and a dentist. We all have flaws - nobody is perfect - and that truly is okay. We simply need to build these flaws into our philosophies and change our futures for the better.

“In the world of CE, it is not as common to highlight our flaws,” according to Dr. Gupta; and, yet, we all have flaws but must learn to “change the systems around us” so others don’t have to suffer from our flaws. This episode explores the expectations placed upon us: the fact that they are there and how we handle them. It is essential to realize that thoughts are voluntary and can create a lifetime of suffering if we let our brains give in to unrealistic expectations instead of enjoying life! Now is the time for change: changing how you are thinking about various elements of your life and focusing on small physical changes you can do right now can alter the trajectory of your future. Devoting just a few minutes a day to physical improvement can create a big impact! Listen to this episode for some examples of what you can do and the empowerment that can come from these physical and emotional changes. You HAVE the time and the ability to change your future… Listen to this episode to start right now! 

Highlights from this episode:

  • The reality that success can come, even though we are all flawed
  • Handling the pressures of the expectations placed upon us
  • Exploring our vulnerabilities and the actual sources of those pressures we feel
  • How damaging it is when we look at what others do and subsequently create “shoulds” in our brains
  • Small changes and how they can impact the trajectory of a person’s life
  • Devoting time to posture, balance, diet and other wellness practices: how we view these and the importance of focusing on these actions
  • Information on Dr. Gupta’s upcoming retreat near Chicago on July 29-30

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