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Love Your Practice

Jun 29, 2021

Employee engagement is the key to a strong business today. Do you want time freedom and a profitable business? If so, learning and tapping into your employees’ best methods of taking action is the way to increase productivity and operate your dental practice (or any business) with efficiency. And, with that, your patients will benefit as well as they recognize your empowered team that works together for their care plan. My guest on this episode is Dr. David Maloley, a Kolbe-certified coach, who shares his viewpoints on the importance of recognizing the superpowers that we each have and the amazing impact that can result from being given the freedom to use those strengths in the workplace.


People operate within their lives in different methods. And it is essential to understand what team members within our practices need so they can be effective leaders in their given roles. This idea of leveraging the individual assets of our team members can create powerful results within our organizations. Dr. Maloley explains how the Kolbe assessment measures the instinctive ways that people take action when they are most effective. There are four types of individuals within this system, and dental offices often attract high-impact “fact finders” as office staff and hygienists. This episode will help you learn how to introduce change in your dental practice management, treating your team with kindness and compassion while giving them the permission and information they need to make the best decisions for patients. Learn how to let your staff “own their zone,” a necessary step as a leader. As Dr. Maloley says, “Manage the process, not the result.” Listen now to this episode that will help you unleash your team’s skills, leading to happy employees, less problems, better business, and a productivity explosion!


Highlights from this episode:

  • Defining and understanding the concept of conation
  • How to avoid conative stress in the workplace
  • The four conation types
  • The main type found in dental office staff
  • How to introduce change to those who are high fact-finders and empower them to be leaders
  • Realizing everyone has superpowers
  • The value of focused meeting times and leadership; NOT switching tasks all day long
  • How to get started with the Kolbe assessment 


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