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Love Your Practice

Oct 12, 2022

Are you feeling burned out, stressed, or overwhelmed from your dental practice? My guest on this episode knows exactly how you feel! Dr. Laura Brenner holds a very unique place in dentistry. She was a dentist for 10 years and, after burning out, left the practice to follow her passions along another path. She is now a career coach, and in this episode, we discuss some common concerns and solutions for those dealing with the challenges and frustrations facing dentists today.

Have you ever considered the idea that sometimes our problems with practicing dentistry come from within ourselves? We often create a desire to please others and have to deal with our own perfectionism. However, there are steps you can take to relieve some of these stresses. It is critical to not sacrifice yourself to your work - it can lead to resentment and worry. Rather, it is necessary to look at yourself and figure out what is important to you, right now, in your own life. As Dr. Brenner says, “We all have to define success for ourselves. That’s the first thing we need to do.” You don’t have to settle into and feel stuck in your current role of work. Give yourself the permission to move past what is holding you back! 

And that may mean making some changes. Are you in love with your dentistry? If not, now is the time to do something about it. From side gigs to a career change, you can make a change in your life so you are having FUN! There are ways you can enrich other people’s lives other than solely through your practice of dentistry. What is most important is that you find balance and fulfillment in your life - sometimes adding a side gig can improve your dentistry. Shift your energy, and be willing to change. You CAN design your career so you can align it with your life, creating happiness for yourself. 

Are YOU still having fun with dentistry? This episode will help you find contentment within whatever path you choose for your life. Listen to this episode now to help you find clarity and happiness!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Recognizing your career should be FUN and the solutions available to you if you are not in love with dentistry
  • How a side gig can help you find balance and fulfillment - and improve your practice of dentistry
  • The necessity to NOT sacrifice yourself to work
  • Creating boundaries (from others as well as yourself) and a vision and consistency for yourself
  • Some of the biggest challenges facing dentists
  • The necessity of choosing your self-talk
  • Self-examination of why you practice dentistry

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~ Laura