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Love Your Practice

Nov 10, 2021

The businesses of dentistry and nutrition have many common challenges and similar goals! This is an interesting episode because I am co-hosting it with nutrition therapist and business coach Rachel Leigh to serve both our audiences as we share our wisdom and inspirations to help you thrive in your business and live a happy life! Rachel and I went through our life coach training together, and, in addition to owning her own nutrition business, she is also a business coach for other nutrition therapists who are building their practices. Our clients have common goals of wanting to feel better, be healthier, and provide amazing services to their clients and patients… So we are excited to bring this episode to our respective industries!

Are you having fun as a nutrition therapist or dentist? If not, now is the time to start! As providers of care to our clients, we want to provide the best treatments possible for their long term health. But we all know that sometimes those treatment plans can be expensive and not covered by insurance. How willing are you to offer the best care options to your clients at the appropriate prices to be properly compensated for your efforts? This episode will help you jump over self-limiting hurdles so you can be open with your patients about their treatment options. We also discuss much more including how coaching has changed our clients’ lives and how they lead their businesses. Your business is a manifestation of what you’re thinking in your mind… And your thoughts can be changed! Listen to this episode to learn how coaching can help you overcome discomforts and build your business to levels your mind may not even be considering!

Highlights from this episode:

  • The common challenges of dentistry and nutrition
  • Serving our communities in fields that are not covered by insurance
  • How to avoid talking yourself out of pricing your services appropriately
  • Overcoming the narrative in your head about what your clients may be thinking
  • The value of truly understanding what clients want or need to create a connection with them
  • Coaching and how it is life-changing both personally and as business leaders
  • How to choose your thoughts so you can love your business
  • The challenges and rewards of initiating change in our minds and businesses

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