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Love Your Practice

Oct 26, 2022

Managing a dental practice can be so difficult some days. Have you ever felt really bad about something that has happened in your practice? One event can create a cascade of negative feelings! This can happen to anyone, and in this episode, I walk you through how I am processing my thoughts and emotions after the resignation of a key employee.

This is a very candid episode for me as I open up and share what I am doing personally - in my mind - to process this significant event within my own practice. I discuss what metacognition is and why this is essential in processing thoughts. You will hear about how our brains work to protect us, often creating conversations in our own heads that can lead us to build walls around ourselves. But in the end, those walls will not help us manage our practices or care for our patients! Listen to this episode as I explain how we can effectively process our thoughts so we can move on to something new when we feel ready!

Highlights from this episode:

  • What metacognition is and why it is essential to do this when something unpleasant happens 
  • Becoming familiar with our “curiosity goggles”
  • The steps involved in processing thoughts and the emotions they generate
  • Understanding that the brain wants to protect us but that putting up walls will not help us with our practices
  • Being able to move on to something new when we’re ready

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~ Laura