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Love Your Practice

Sep 9, 2020

Would you like to make more money in your practice? I bet you answered, “Yes!” If so, this is the episode for YOU! Join me as I walk through my process, “The Model” for how we get results in our lives and see how you can apply that model to your dental practice to get the money flowing into it. So, stick with me if you want to make more money!

Friends, there is a simple action you can take to make your practice more profitable! In this episode you’ll hear me say, “Our businesses are a manifestation of our thoughts.” This is because our businesses are an accumulation of all of the actions that happen on a daily basis, and those actions are a direct result of what we are thinking. I will guide you through the process of examining how you approach patients based on various thoughts you could be having… and look at the impact those thoughts can ultimately have on your practice’s success. Recognizing that your thoughts will create certain emotions in you that affect your actions will help you get to the end results you seek. You may have to learn how to better accept rejection along the way and possibly how to retrain your brain to make necessary changes. Listen now to learn how valuable your thoughts are and how to apply the skills presented in this episode to increase the money flowing into your practice!

Highlights from this episode:

  • A review of “The Model” for getting results in life and how that applies to your dental practice
  • Recognizing where your dental practice actions actually begin 
  • How making offers to your patients are actions that can result in higher profits for you
  • Samples of thoughts that create various emotions that affect the actions taken in dentistry
  • The necessity of offering services to patients and the potential business you can create
  • Your services are valuable… believe it!

Resources and links mentioned: 

Feeling Good: A Podcast for Dentists

The Life Coach for Busy Dentists

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~ Laura