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Love Your Practice

Aug 17, 2022

It is such a pleasure to welcome one of my favorite teachers, Dr. David Clark, to this episode. Dr. Clark is a dentist who has revolutionized how we can treat cracked teeth, going beyond doing crowns. He has created a system of matrices called the Bioclear Method, a new approach to cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Today we discuss practice management and how we present to patients about amazing treatments they actually want, versus just what they need

Friends, you are not going to have to worry about being poorly compensated for doing this beautiful dentistry that patients actually want. We know that our patients want to keep their natural teeth… And we want to help them achieve that! Bioclear overlays can help them keep their teeth, and they have many advantages such as that they feel more comfortable and have almost zero chance of snapping off or creating a need for a root canal. The important aspect is that you can offer this to patients as a treatment “choice.” When given the choice of how to treat their issue, many will be happy with choosing rejuvenation over extra drilling time on their teeth and will be comfortable paying the appropriate level of compensation to you. This treatment option makes so much sense and can transform your practice! Listen to this episode to hear more about this great procedure to offer to your patients and how you can learn to do injected moldings. 

Highlights from this episode:

  • The magical question of asking patients what they want to do when you have multiple treatment options to offer and how it feels when you give patients what they want
  • Benefits of overlays
  • How to offer choices to your patients so that they don’t mind paying what the procedure is worth
  • Rejuvenation of teeth as a choice
  • Features of injected moldings and patients’ reactions to them
  • How to begin learning about how to do injected moldings
  • Great opportunities that exist for offering rejuvenation

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