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Love Your Practice

Aug 31, 2021

Are you trying to feel less stressed? Dental office ownership worries about elements such as employees, patients, and dental insurance can be a lot to handle. But as a certified and trained life coach, I can help you feel less stressed so you can have a better life. This episode will help you recognize your beliefs as thought habits, help you see that your thought habits influence how much you enjoy owning your dental practice, and learn how you can create a practice that you love!

Have you ever thought about the power of your beliefs? Your beliefs can be helpful… but they can also be detrimental. Think back to the happy and hopeful thoughts you had the day you bought your practice. Do you feel different today? Our experiences impact our thoughts and create new thought habits. Have some difficult situations arisen in your practice that have made your brain focus on perhaps one problematic person or instance? Worrying is a natural human thought that can create the emotion of discouragement. But now is the time to turn those thoughts around and change the future of your practice ownership journey! Listen to this episode to learn how you can take control of your brain, create new thoughts to empower your experience as a dental practice owner, and create your own positive self-fulfilling prophecies. Change your future!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Beliefs as habits of thoughts
  • Where our emotions come from and how new thought habits emerge
  • The human brain’s job and what it wants to focus on
  • Defining and identifying “objection block”
  • How to redirect your brain to change your thoughts, creating new beliefs
  • Creating your own self-fulfilling prophecies

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~ Laura