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Love Your Practice

Mar 16, 2022

When you went to dental school, did you dream about your role as a manager? Probably not! I know I definitely did not, and now we are all in the middle of dealing with “The Great Resignation” that is affecting dentistry as well as other industries. I am happy to welcome back to the show Kara Kelley who is a Dental HR Consultant and founder of Clinical HR, an advisory firm for medical and dental practices. This conversation with Kara will help you adapt and face the changes that are happening now and make your practice a progressive one!

If you are having a difficult time hiring team members right now, you are not alone. Dentistry is dealing with the fact that employees have moved on to other side hustles or jobs that are providing greater flexibility and benefits. Being understaffed impedes our goals and sense of wellbeing as dentists. This episode will tell you what employees WANT right now to help you attract team members and get your practice back on track. From flexible schedules to paid time off and other key benefits such as professional development, Kara explains many things you can change in your practice to attract and keep valuable employees. This could require a mindset shift for you in how you look at rewarding your employees for their efforts and dedication to your practice. Learn how to avoid micromanaging, invest in your team, and create flexibility in your practice now… Your employees will love it, and so will YOU! 

Highlights from this episode:

  • The challenges facing the dental industry right now
  • Benefits you can offer to boost morale in your office
  • Changing how you look at staffing to create more scheduling flexibility
  • The dollar amount attached to turnover
  • Aligning the standards of patient treatment with your team
  • The importance of finding the right person for a job and knowing the market value of positions
  • What good leadership is and how to exhibit it

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