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Love Your Practice

Feb 4, 2020

Loneliness is really daunting for a dentist. That’s why this episode of Feeling Good is dedicated to understanding where this loneliness comes from and the strategies you can start using today to start feeling less lonely.

Modern humans, with all of our self-driving cars and smartphones, are lonelier than we’ve ever been. Connectivity is essential to our survival, and individual human beings are wired to be interdependent. This doesn’t mean co-dependent. Rather, this is our evolution telling us to connect and work together with other members of our species. Unfortunately, with all of our modern amenities, it’s become much harder for us to connect and get those warm fuzzies from being together with the members of our tribe.

In this episode, I’m taking a closer look at this tribe mentality with a little help from Sebastian Junger’s book Tribe. I pull some examples from his book as well as from my own experiences as both a dentist and a life coach to get a closer look at why it’s so lonely being a dentist. 

It’s a thing I call “the isolation of the dentist” - where we’re loved by some, feared by others, and the people we spend the most time with (our staff) is paid to be there. None of these experiences help us interconnect, but I’m sharing a few strategies that will bring that connectivity back into your daily life.

The biggest strategy I’m sharing on this episode of Feeling Good is how you can change the way you think about being lonely. Remember from my previous episodes where I discussed how thoughts become things? Keep that in mind as you listen to this episode. Your lonely pattern of thinking will only increase that lonely feeling if you don’t manage your thoughts.

Here’s a few tricks to help you change that mindset:

  • Hack your biology by reaching out to help someone who looks lonely, whether that’s a friend, a patient, or a stranger at the grocery store.
  • Stop looking at social media to find a connection. Reach out to those friends online and make plans to meet up in real life.
  • Think back to a time when you were connecting with your favorite humans and let that positive memory influence your pattern of thinking

That is just a sneak peek of the strategies I’m sharing today. I go into these tricks and so many more for managing your lonely thoughts. If you’d like to learn more about what it means to be a lonely dentist and how you can change your thinking, tune in now and visit my website The Life Coach for Busy Dentists.  

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • The biological reasons why humans want to be with other humans 2:45
  • How our hormones drive us to be interdependent 6:24
  • The ways this interdependence is missing in your modern lives 8:44
  • What loneliness feels like for a dentist 11:22
  • How your lonely thoughts can isolate you even more 14:00
  • Some strategies you can use right now to feel less lonely 16:16
  • Ways to manage those lonely thoughts 18:49