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Love Your Practice

Jun 30, 2020

Your feelings matter, and it's not why you think! It's not because I think, or anybody else thinks, you deserve to be happy (which I do!). It's also not because you SHOULD be happy. Your feelings matter because your feelings drive what you DO, and that includes how you run your dental practice. 

In this episode, I discuss the feelings that we all have, their importance in our lives, and the fact that our feelings drive our business decisions. Actions are driven by feelings, so they play an incredibly central role in our lives. For example, your to-do list may exist, but if you’re not in a good spot emotionally to deal with those items on your list, they’re probably not going to happen! Or, if you are in a great spot, feeling completely confident, those feelings can drive you to make wonderful decisions that propel your business forward. Also, do you know new feelings can be created? Be sure to listen to this episode to learn about a tool to not only manage your feelings but also create new ones! Take charge of yourself today, and be sure to listen now!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Where our feelings come from 
  • The importance of recognizing feelings that you are experiencing
  • Feelings such as shame, confidence, optimism, gratitude and more… and how they apply to dentistry and how we practice
  • A technique you can learn to create a new feeling 

Resources and links mentioned: 

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Kris Plachy podcast 

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The Life Coach School Podcast 

The Life Coach for Busy Dentists

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~ Laura