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Love Your Practice

Sep 9, 2021

Now is the time to invest in yourself while creating a practice that you love and want to work in! I am so excited to welcome to the show Dr. Betsy Phillips, a general dentist and co-owner of a practice outside of Minneapolis. A couple of years ago, Betsy recognized that she needed to make some changes. With an overwhelming schedule and struggles of managing a practice, she was not making any time for herself. And adding to that, she had many self-limiting beliefs that were holding her back from making positive changes in several aspects of her life. Does this sound familiar? This episode tackles those concerns and shines a light on how adding a life coach can create amazing changes to your life and your practice immediately. 

As dentists, we all want what is best for our patients. And sometimes that comes from taking a step back and making time for ourselves. It has been an honor to connect with Betsy as a student and together develop the life she wants to live. Betsy discusses the changes she has made in her life and says, “I’m actually serving my patients better because I’m taking the time for me.” Are you ready to discover how you can feel empowered to take new actions within your practice and within your life? Listen now to learn how to enjoy your practice and enjoy your time at home, providing you the balance that you deserve and need… And hear about the wonderful opportunity you have to feel like you’re a part of something, recognize there is nothing wrong with you and feel the support of other female practice owners. Take a positive step and listen now!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Recognizing the need for change when life seems overwhelming
  • Defining buffering and how people resort to this practice
  • How coaching helps overcome challenges
  • Changing scheduling patterns and the power that comes from that 
  • Managing your mind to feel empowered
  • Positive changes that come from coaching
  • What it’s like and the benefits from being in the Mastermind Group with other practice owners

Resources and links mentioned: 

Dr. Katrina Ubell’s podcast: Weight Loss for Busy Physicians

Brooke Castillo’s program: Self Coaching Scholars

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~ Laura