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Love Your Practice

Dec 17, 2020

It’s natural to open your bank account and check the balance; that’s our human nature! And this year has had so many swings that we have just tried to hang on and make it through. Now it’s time to make some plans and some changes for 2021. Dental practice owners, it is time to get organized with regards to your practice’s finances. Dr. Laura’s guest this week is Barb Stackhouse, author of “Profit First for Dentists,” who sheds some valuable light on how to pay yourself as a business owner!

You work hard as a dentist, and now is the time to take care of yourself first… by paying yourself and taking care of your money before anything else! Step back and ask yourself what you need to feel to give yourself what you deserve. Is it love? Is it pride? What feeling will drive you to make a change to make 2021 better? Know that you deserve to pay yourself. Think about that. And then take the simple steps outlined in this episode to change how you manage your practice so you can get the very fair share that you deserve. With small changes such as  opening a few new bank accounts and providing a budget to your team member in charge of purchasing, learn the steps you should take right now to take care of the money first so you can calmly take care of your patients. Listen to this episode, and let it enlighten and provide you with the clarity you need to make some changes RIGHT NOW!

Highlights from this episode:

  • “Profit First for Dentists” - what the idea is and how it can benefit you
  • How to set aside profit for yourself starting right now
  • The 4 core accounts to open and transfer money to
  • How and why more work does not add up to more profit
  • The new way to look at your accounting to allow you to put YOUR profit FIRST
  • Listen to Barb’s webinar

Resources and links mentioned: 

Barb Stackhouse at MoreToLife.Dental

Search “Profit First for Dentists” on Amazon to preorder the book later this month

Profit First for Dentists Facebook group - private group for dentists only

Barb’s link for free online masterclass

Laura’s email:

Laura’s website: The Life Coach for Busy Dentists

Laura’s podcast: Feeling Good: A Podcast for Dentists

Laura’s business Facebook page:

Laura’s personal Facebook page:

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~ Laura