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Love Your Practice

Oct 25, 2019

 Welcome to the brand new Feeling Good Podcast for dentists! I’m Laura Mach, a practicing dentist and professional life coach. I’ve been practicing dentistry for 12 years now, so I know a little something about stress. That’s why I started this podcast. I’m here to help dentists manage their stress and start treating themselves better. Whether that means balancing your schedule, managing your dental office, or just learning how to talk to yourself better - this podcast is for you.

In today’s first ever episode I’m giving you a sneak peek of the stress management techniques I teach as a life coach for busy dentists. I’m running my own private practice on top of being a full-time wife, mother, and life coach, and I know the toll stress can take on your life. I started this podcast to help dentists “deal with the feels”, as I like to say. We all have emotional reactions to our worrisome thoughts, and I have a few tricks that can help you manage that kind of anxiety.

These emotional reactions are completely normal. It’s also completely normal to worry about your dental practice and your patients. But all this worrying can disrupt your life, especially your sleep schedule. If you’re losing sleep over your dental practice, tune in right now to learn the keys to worrying less. I’m here with tips on how you can let go of your perfect expectations, accept the sometimes messy disorder of the dental life, and break that vicious cycle of negative thinking. No matter what the day throws at you, from payroll to patients, you can still manage that stress and get a good night’s sleep, I promise.

The biggest thing you’ll learn in today’s episode is my technique for meta-cognition. I’m talking about how you can learn to watch yourself think and train yourself to ignore those anxious thoughts. We have over 60,000 thoughts a day, and not all of them are correct or even important. I have a few ways tricks to help you organize your thoughts so you can stay focused on what really matters and stop stressing about the things that don’t.

Of course, you can’t get rid of your stress overnight. That’s why there will be more episodes of the Feeling Good podcast coming your way. Listen now to our first ever episode so you can learn the keys to worrying less and kickoff your new, stress-free lifestyle!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How I can help dentists manage their stress and balance their lives 1:30
  • What a stressful day for a dentist looks like 2:38
  • 3 theories I have on why dentists worry so much 6:22
  • Why we have such emotional reactions to stressful thoughts 11:47
  • 3 key ways to worry less 15:00
  • The practice of meta-cognition and how to do it 17:34