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Love Your Practice

Sep 22, 2021

Are you interested in some strategies to help you retain your dental practice team? Being the employer and the leader of the practice is often the most difficult part of being a dentist. And right now, it’s no secret that our industry is facing team shortages. But there are some outstanding ways you can keep morale high in your office. This episode, I welcome Dental Human Resources Consultant Kara Kelley who has been working to improve dental team practices for about ten years. She is the founder and CEO of Clinical HR LLC, an advisory firm for dental and medical practices. Kara focuses on cultivating leadership skills, managing employee relations issues and implementing competitive total rewards systems. Our conversation explores ways to keep team members feeling happy and appreciated so they are willing to stay!

As Kara says, “Your perfect employee is out there!” But right now it may seem like a struggle to find that person to hire. However, don’t fall into a negative mindset. There are actions you, as an employer, can take as well as benefits you can offer to both prospective and current employees that will make them smile and want to come into work each day! Covering topics such as showing appreciation and respect, offering stability, demonstrating gratitude, recognizing employees’ credibility, and creating an atmosphere in which they feel protected, this episode will help you retain your precious employees and create an office culture that new employees want to join. You’ll also hear some pitfalls to avoid when offering special perks to your team. Listen to this episode now for valuable information on creating an amazing work-life balance for your team!

Highlights from this episode:

  • The importance of showing appreciation
  • Recognizing frustrations and moving on from them
  • What employees want from an employer
  • Ways to go the extra mile for your employees while also reducing the stress of honoring them
  • The attitude of gratitude and how it applies to your dental practice
  • How to overcome “scarcity brain” as the practice owner
  • Common mistakes and what to avoid with regard to showing employee appreciation

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