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Love Your Practice

Mar 10, 2020

We like learning about mistakes on this podcast. I mean, how else are we supposed to learn if we don’t make a few mistakes along the way? Fellow life coach Kris Plachy is my guest on this episode of Feeling Good because she knows a thing or two about making a mistake. More importantly, she knows how to help dentists overcome our most common mistakes.

As dentists, we all face similar challenges in our practices. We may have gone to dental school, but not all of us went to business school. Being a dentist isn’t always about dentistry. But you’re just as much an entrepreneur as you are a dentist. Running your own dental practice comes with its own unique share of trials and tribulations. You’re bound to make mistakes with your staff, but Kris is here to show us ways to learn from these missteps and keep moving forward.

One of the most common mistakes we make as dentists is not having the infrastructure in place to hire and manage our staff. Of course, most of us were never trained to be managers. But is that a good enough excuse? If we can learn to become dentists, then we can learn to become managers. The advice Kris is sharing on this episode will help us all become better dentists and better managers.

Kris is sharing the right processes dentists can use to hold their staff and their office managers accountable. Too often, dentists rely too much on their office manager and forget that they should be running their own business. Your dental practice can’t reach its full potential if you rely on your office manager to manage everything. Kris shares techniques you can use to oversee this critical role and guarantee that your dental staff works like a well-oiled machine. 

But we all know that even the best machine won’t work perfectly every day. That’s why we're talking about the ugly part of these mistakes too, especially when it comes to managing. Disciplining our staff isn’t something we want to do, but if we don’t hold our team accountable we won’t be able to run our business. Creating consequences that clarify your expectations and get your point across isn’t easy, but Kris has tips for even the friendliest dentist.

When you start your dental practice, you need to tell yourself the truth: you’re becoming a business owner and a manager. You didn’t become a dentist just to work as an employee. You became a dentist to help people and to build a business around your talents for taking care of people. But you can’t be expected to do it all on your own. Life coaches like Kris and myself are here to give you the tools you need to overcome these dental mistakes and build a successful dental practice with a team you’re proud of. 

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • The most common problem Kris’ clients have 5:00
  • How to set up your office manager for success 7:55
  • How to hold your staff and yourself accountable 12:53
  • The right process for disciplining your employees 24:01
  • Why women have different beliefs about making money 37:21

Some Questions We Discuss

  • What are some of the things we do wrong as dentists? 1:14
  • Where can we find the time to invest in our dental team? 10:00
  • Why is it so much easier just to let our staff get away with things? 16:52
  • How will the right consequences change our behaviors? 29:03
  • Why don’t dentists pay attention to their money? 31:55