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Love Your Practice

Jan 7, 2020

Get ready! We’re doing something a little different on today’s podcast. I’m having my very first interview ever on Feeling Good, and I couldn’t be more excited. I just spent a weekend seminar with fellow dentist Dr. Christopher Phelps, and I want to share the insights we made over the weekend with all of you, my favorite listeners.

Dr. Phelps is sharing with us today his experience with the power of persuasion. Or, as he calls, “pre-suasion”. Working with Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence, Dr. Phelps is changing the way we think about our patients and their treatment plans. We’re talking today about Dr. Phelps’ techniques and how you can use them in the dentist’s chair. It’s all about setting the stage for helping patients accept the treatment options you’re explaining and how to offer them the best possible treatment.

Where did this unique perspective come from? Dr. Phelps answers that and many other questions about his dental career today, but the most important question we dive into on this episode is how you can change not only our mindset but also that of your patients’ and your staff.

When it comes to the powers of persuasion and pre-suasion, it’s all about looking closer and what we say and the questions we ask. Ultimately, you want to get your patients into a “proactive mindset”. According to Dr. Phelps, this proactive mindset is what separates the perceptive patients from the more stubborn ones. If you want patients to respond positively to your treatment options, you have to prime them to be proactive. We discuss the persuasive techniques you can use in your own dental practice to achieve this mindset, including setting the mood and asking the right questions.

It’s like I’m always saying - your thoughts have the power to create your reality. What we say matters, and you do have the power to create a proactive mindset in your patients and your team and even yourself. If you’re ready to be an influencer and take on the proactive mind, tune in right now to hear the nuggets Dr. Christopher Phelps is sharing with us.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What my listeners are saying about this podcast 1:20
  • All about Dr. Phelp’s dental experience and entrepreneurship 2:40
  • How to recognize the different ways people make their decisions 8:20
  • How to prime a proactive mindset in your patients 10:55
  • What a proactive mindset looks like in the dental chair 18:55
  • Tricks for setting - and sticking to! - your goals 24:29
  • Where you can learn more about the 6 Principles of Influence 26:20

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • What entrepreneurial strengths can be applied to our dental careers? 4:10
  • How did Dr. Phelps start training with these principles of influence? 6:06
  • What’s the difference between “persuasion” and “pre-suasion”? 10:13
  • What is a mindset and how do we shape it? 11:50
  • How does language shape our mindsets? 14:51
  • What are the most common mistakes dentists make when it comes to persuasion? 20:22
  • What is Dr. Phelp’s favorite movie and how does it influence his mindset? 28:34