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Love Your Practice

Nov 19, 2020

Experience is so valuable! There are multiple ways people can learn lessons in life. We can make our own mistakes and discover better ways to handle situations. Or… we can also listen to the advice of others who have gone down certain roads before us and absorb their words of wisdom to help us avoid some pitfalls. In this episode, Dr. Laura discusses some concepts she wishes she would have known when she bought her practice, and she is happy to share her valuable insight with YOU!

From actively listening to learning to say, “No,” Dr. Laura offers some great methods she has implemented in her practice and highly recommends to others in the process of making decisions that impact business. This episode will provide you with great experience-based advice to consider in how you look at your marketing, how you treat your patients, buying new equipment, ensuring your employees feel appreciated and much more. Everyone makes mistakes and learns lessons the hard way at times. Take a few valuable minutes to listen to this episode now… This helpful information could save you both some stress and potential lost profits!

Highlights from this episode:

  • The importance of having a vision
  • Being clear matters
  • Saying “No” is sometimes necessary
  • Insight into how to become profitable
  • Taking the time to create systems
  • The challenges of being an employer and initiating changes in the practice

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Laura’s website: The Life Coach for Busy Dentists

Laura’s podcast: Feeling Good: A Podcast for Dentists

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~ Laura