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Love Your Practice

Oct 25, 2019

Want to grab a glass of wine after work? Yes please! I’ll meet you at the bar and enjoy myself a glass of red with you. 

But why are we craving this glass (or two) of wine after work? What’s happening to our brains and bodies after a long day at the dental office? Where do these cravings come from and why do we always seek them out after a particularly stressful day? The secret is in the dopamine, and I’m explaining why in today’s episode of Feeling Good.

Nature developed systems that keep your body in line, and every action our brain thinks is essential to our survival is rewarded with a treat. In this case, that treat is dopamine, a neurotransmitter that boosts your mood and reinforces certain behaviors. Dopamine is our natural stress reliever, and we will seek out whatever action, that glass of wine, that sugary treat, or maybe even a hug from a lover or friend, in order to get that rush of dopamine. Our brain doesn’t realize that some of these behaviors are unhealthy, but we seek them out because they’re normal, easy, and they’ve become a part of our routine.

This doesn’t mean we don’t deserve those glasses of wine after a hard day’s work. What I’m here to explain today is WHY we want that glass of wine. Once you understand why, it’s easier to retrain your brain and develop different ways to release dopamine and relieve stress that makes sense for our lifestyle as dentists. You don’t have to keep relying on the supernormal stimuli to relieve your stress, and my way of coach-splaining in today’s episode just might inspire you to start looking for new ways to retrain your brain! Tune in now to hear all about the secrets of dopamine and dentistry!

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • All the physical and mental challenges we work thru in the dental office 1:50
  • How the Motivational Triad influences our behaviors 4:46
  • How our bodies use dopamine to influence our actions 5:47
  • Why our brain rewards us for bad or unhealthy behaviors 9:50 
  • How a bird’s behavior mimics our own human behaviors 12:00
  • How life coaching can help you retrain your brain 14:59