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Love Your Practice

May 3, 2021

Are you trying to be a good leader, but nobody told you how? Do you take the proper time needed to be a good leader in your dental practice? With all of the time dentists spend doing procedures, it is difficult to then devote the attention necessary to focus on leadership. However, this episode presents how essential it is to have a healthy brain to have a healthy body and practice. Explore the “Brain Revolution” with guest Christine Curtis who provides you with new ways to consider what and how you are thinking and see how that relates to leadership in YOUR practice!

Consider the fact that our brains are organs designed by nature, and everything nature designs serves a purpose. Have you thought about the fact that our brains process the information that enters them and filters in survival? Some of the information that enters our brains as practice owners puts our brains on defense, and bad habits can be formed when our brains look to the negative instead of the positive. However, host Dr. Laura Mach and Christine share that there are things you can do to move yourself over to a new track in your thoughts about your practice!

From effective morning huddles to proper paperwork in the office, timely paychecks, and more, this episode will help you focus on issues that are important to being a good leader within your practice and some of the thoughts that pass through your brain, influencing those thoughts. Learn to use the techniques available to train the brain and practice those techniques, making them familiar to you so you can teach your patients the techniques as well. Together, we can make many people healthier… listen now! 

Highlights from this episode:

  • Examples of flaws in leadership
  • The importance of not letting your brain convince you that you have too much to do
  • The brain’s job is survival
  • How brains work
  • The fear of things that cannot be controlled
  • What the 5 to 1 ratio is with regard to thoughts and the impact it can have
  • How often we hypnotise ourselves
  • Separating out facts from thoughts

Resources and links mentioned: 

Christine’s book: Your Dream Dental Practice: Happy Patients, Fewer Hours, Easier Life

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Laura’s podcast: Love Your Practice!

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   Leadership Coach for Busy Dentists

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   Laura’s personal page


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~ Laura